Western Rubber Products treats each customer with the utmost courtesy, always striving to achieve 100% on-time delivery. WRP prides itself on being able to handle any order from any customer at any time.

All products are Western Rubber Products design and are produced in WRP tooling with the WRP logo. WRP also has the capabilities of adding custom logos. Standard production WRP diaphragms have the following information molded into the bottom:

  • “Made in USA”
  • WRP logo
  • Size & stroke of the diaphragm
  • Date code for easy identification and quality control

In addition to our standard products, WRP produces:

  • Guided spring diaphragms
  • Custom logos in the mold of the diaphragms


Diaphragm Part Number Reference

part number ref chart_700a

Please refer to this reference chart when ordering from us. If you have any questions about part numbers or need to customize your order, please contact Kurt Murphy.

Ordering Guide

WRP Ordering diagram
  • Products are to be ordered using the New guide.
  • The part number Reference chart will provide cross-reference for the Old part numbering system to the New part numbering system.
  • Diaphragms should be ordered in a multiple of 25 pieces per part number.
  • For price and lead time, please contact Luanne Martinez or Kurt Murphy.
  • Orders can be submitted by email, telephone or fax.
  • We will confirm your order upon receipt.
  • Any special product inquiries please contact Kurt Murphy.

Questions regarding WRP diaphragms?